Category: Brain Development

  • Researchers find way to speed up nerve regrowth

    A University of Alberta researcher has found a treatment that increases the speed of nerve regeneration by three to five times, which may one day lead to much better outcomes for trauma surgery patients.

  • “Jumping” DNA regulates human neurons

    The human genome contains over 4.5 million sequences of DNA called “transposable elements”, these virus-like entities that “jump” around and help regulate gene expression. They do this by binding transcription factors, which are proteins that regulate the rate of transcription of DNA to RNA, influencing gene expression in a broad range of biological events.

  • Researchers Discover a Specific Brain Circuit Damaged by Social Isolation During Childhood

    Loneliness is recognized as a serious threat to mental health. Even as our world becomes increasingly connected over digital platforms, young people in our society are feeling a growing sense of isolation. The COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many countries to implement social distancing and school closures, magnifies the need for understanding the mental health consequences […]

  • How brain flexibility emerges in infants

    Scientists say they’ve discovered that cognitive flexibility, a critical higher order brain function, starts developing during the first two years of life.Having cognitive flexibility – the mental capacity to switch between different concepts – is associated with better reading ability, academic achievement, resilience and creativity, while less mental suppleness is linked to risk of neurological […]

  • New theory suggests autism may not be tied to mind blindness

    Tracking the extent to which other people think differently from yourself appears to be more relevant than understanding someone else’s thoughts per se. Neuroscientists at Ghent University and the University of New South Wales (Sydney) came to this conclusion.