Tencent Games Unveils Serious Games Exploration to Create Social Value

Tencent outlines “game as a service” efforts, teases latest endeavor, “Palvov: Brain’it On”


Tencent, through the Social Value Research Center of Tencent Games, today shared its “game as a service” collaboration with industries to develop serious games at the International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health (SeGAH) conference, in its latest push to promote sustainable innovations for social value.


Recognized for its world-class research and product development, the Social Value Research Center of Tencent Games also showcased its latest serious game product and its vision to collaborate with different industries and fields to create games for good.


“Pavlov: Brain’It On” coming later


Co-developed by Tencent Games’ Social Value Research Center, NExT Studios and Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute (TCCI®), Pavlov: Brain’It On is a new endeavor from Tencent Games that explores how to develop a game that applies the result of clinical research and become a real-life solution.


Teased at the conference, Pavlov: Brain’It On features a collection of puzzle games that help players of all ages improve their attention span, information processing speed, working memory, inductive reasoning and spatial cognition. Significantly, during the development phase, academic results are used to create an accessible brain-training environment. The game is still under development and will be more-fully unveiled at a later date.


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Photo credit: Tencent