TCCI® Supports China’s Largest Neuroscience Conference and Announces its China Strategy

The Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute for Translational Research recently supported the 13th Biennial Conference of Chinese Neuroscience Society (CNS 2019), the most prestigious event in the Chinese neuroscience field, which took place in October in Suzhou China. The conference hosted about 50 symposia, and over 3,700 scientists from dozens of countries and regions attended.


On the morning of October 11th, TCCI® sponsored the plenary lecture given by Professor Trevor Robbins, who is a Fellow of the Royal Society, Director of the Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute, and formerly Head of Experimental Psychology Department. Dr. Mao Ying, Director of TCCI® and Vice President of Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University and Huashan Hospital, introduced TCCI® to attendees at the conference.


In the evening, at the welcome dinner party sponsored by TCCI®, TCCI’s founder Mr. Tianqiao Chen gave his opening remarks on behalf of the institute through video. Dr. Mao Ying announced the “China Strategy” for TCCI® for Translational Research, which is going to focus on translational research for brain disease. It will concentrate on funding projects that meet TCCI’s five major criteria and fall within its three-four layout—“three” stands for the three fields ( brain-computer interface; digital medicine; sleep research) whereas “four” represents the four dimensions of breakthroughs (scientific research; standards formulation; integration of production, study and research; talent development.) This announcement has attracted great attention and interest from Chinese scientists and mainstream media.


On October 12th, TCCI® sponsored the “Neurosurgery and Brain Science” symposium chaired by Dr. Mao Ying as well as the “Mental Health and Neuromodulation” symposium. At the latter symposium, Adam Gazzaley, TCCI’s Chief Advisor on Digital Medicine and Professor at UCSF, offered a lecture on digital medicine as brain disease treatment.