TCCI lead author on Nature Review Bioengineering paper: Translation of Neurotechnologies

Neurotechnologies are tools that combine engineering and brain science to create devices that help connect the brain to the outside world. Since the early 2000s, these technologies have been widely discussed in scientific studies and popular media because they are exciting and promising. They have the potential to improve lives in ways that drugs cannot. However, only a few have become established as medical treatments.

Dr. Gerwin Schalk, former director of the Chen Frontier Lab, is lead author of a paper published this month in Nature Review Bioengineering review. Schalk and his co-authors examine the strengths and weaknesses of neurotechnologies, focusing on their scientific and engineering aspects. They discuss what is needed to overcome challenges in bringing these technologies from the lab to real-world use and offer a detailed plan to help these technologies succeed in clinical and commercial settings.

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