TCCI® Investigator Wins Sail Award at World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021

On July 8, Professor Tao Hu, Deputy Director and Researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Microsystems and Information Technology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Investigator at the Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute (TCCI®), won a SAIL (Super AI Leader) Award at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021 for his achievements with a brain-computer interface which is non-invasive, implanted and high-throughput. The system is composed of four parts, namely, a front-end, flexible deep electrode, a middle-end transmitter, a back-end EEG collection and transmission module and biocompatible encapsulation material. The system has been used in a number of animals including mice, rabbits, and monkeys, and can collect postoperative emergent signals (30 min after surgeries) and track neural signals for eight months. In October last year, Tao Hu and his team demonstrated the first flexible electrode for brain-computer interfaces in China at the inauguration ceremony for the TCCI® Frontier Lab for Brain Science, which attracted much attention. This project was supported by TCCI®.