TCCI® Investigator Professor Yu Jintai’s Team Discovers Correlations between Environmental Factors and Longevity

Professor Yu Jintai, a researcher from the Neurology Department of Fudan University-affiliated Huashan Hospital and a Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute Investigator, and his team revealed for the first time a correlation between longevity and controllable environmental factors. Their findings were published July 20 2021 in the medical journal, BMC Medicine.


In his research, Professor Yu’s team created many “firsts”. For example, they first discovered that venous thromboembolic diseases are crucial factors influencing longevity, that high body fat mass and body fat percentage are bad for longevity, and that not eating sugary foods or drinking sugary beverages is not beneficial for longevity. They were also the first to discover that being taller than average during adolescence is also adverse to longevity.


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