TCCI Hosts Annual Conference for Chinese Investigators Tianqiao Chen: Focusing on Two Directions to Promote AI + Brain Science

On March 23, 2024, the Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute (TCCI®) held an annual conference for its Chinese investigators in Shanghai. Tianqiao Chen and Chrissy Luo, the founders of the Institute, attended the conference via video conferencing to introduce two key scientific research fields, namely, AI + Memory and AI + Health (mental health, healthy aging and innovative neuromodulation technology), as well as the comprehensive promotion of AI + Brain Science through multiple channels such as conferences and trainings.

Dozens of experts and scholars attended the meeting, including Professor Ying Mao, President of Huashan Hospital and Executive Director of the National Medical Center for Neurological Diseases, and Professor Min Zhao, President of Shanghai Mental Health Center and Director of the National Medical Center for Mental Diseases.

Professor Jianhua Chen from Shanghai Mental Health Center, Dr. Haiyang Geng from TCCI, Professor Zhiguo Wang from Zhejiang University, Professor Ding Ding and Professor Yanyan Huang from Huashan Hospital, Professor Xiang Gao from Nutrition Research Institute of Fudan University, Professor Liang Chen from Huashan Hospital, Professor Hu Tao from Institute of Microsystems of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dr. Jay Sun from TCCI shared their views and exchanged opinions.

Professor Bin Zhou from Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Professor Yifeng Xu and Dr. Qing Zhang from Brain Health Research Institute of National Medical Center for Mental Diseases, Professor Zhili Huang from Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, Professor Chunbo Li and Professor Yong Wang from Shanghai Mental Health Center, Professor Wei Zhu, Professor Jintai Yu, and Associate Professor Zehan Wu from Huashan Hospital, and Professor Jun Zhang from University of Michigan attended the conference.