New neurosurgical technique: deep brain tumor resection with 3D exoscopy

A team led by Mao Ying, president of Fudan University-affiliated Huashan Hospital and director of the TCCI Translational Center, and Professor Zhu Wei from the Neurosurgery Department of Fudan University-affiliated Huashan Hospital, reported 25 cases of pineal region tumor resection with 3D exoscopy via infratentorial approach, which achieved satisfactory clinical outcomes.

Neurosurgery has always been seen as delicate and complex and related surgical equipment has been evolving. 3D exoscopic systems provide a new solution for microsurgery: it is as small and lightweight as endoscopes and the separation of hand and eye is more like endoscopes during the operation, except with a wider, clearer, and magnified under-operative vision similar to that of microscopes. It is more suitable for prolonged, delicate, complex surgical operations and for teaching demonstrations.

This 4-year study, recently published on PubMed, achieved the clinical cohort with the largest number of reported cases of 3D exoscopic applications. It describes how to use 3D exoscopy to safely achieve total tumor resection and alleviate hydrocephalus, and many feel it might represent the future direction of neurosurgical techniques.

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