Inaugural Chen Institute Brain and Mind Lecture: Dr Adam Gazzaley

The Chen Institute Brain & Mind Lecture series is an annual event at the California Academy of Sciences that explores brain science and mind health in our rapidly changing world.


For the inaugural lecture, A New Era of Experiential Medicine: Technology to Enhance Cognition, UCSF’s Dr. Adam Gazzaley described his research on integrating technology and neuroscience to improve brain function. Inside the Academy’s Morrison Planetarium, the audience took a fully immersive journey into an anatomically realistic 3D brain visualization depicting real-time, source-localized activity from electroencephalographic (EEG) signals, courtesy of the GlassBrain software developed by Gazzaley’s UCSF team. Gazzaley described how emerging technologies can inform and enhance neuroscience research and reveal how video games and other interactive technologies can potentially treat such conditions as ADHD, dementia, and depression.


Watch the lecture