Identifying the association between physical activity and depression among community-dwelling older adults

Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute (TCCI®) investigator Professor Huang Yanyan recently co-authored an article published in BMC Geriatrics, an international journal dedicated to geriatrics. Their study, supported by TCCI®, revealed a correlation between the amount and patterns of physical activity and depression among the elderly community in Shanghai.


This study aimed to identify the patterns of physical activity through latent class analysis and examine the association between the quantity and patterns of activity and depression among older, community-dwelling adults. Using data from a cross-sectional survey of 2525 older adults in Shanghai, China, four latent classes were identified: “domestic types,” “athletic types,” “gardening/caring types,” and “walkers.” The research suggests that both quantity and patterns of physical activity are associated with depressive symptoms among older, community-dwelling adults and that this population should be encouraged to increase their quantity of physical activity to reduce the risk of depression. Athletics and walkers are especially recommended. The researchers suggest that to develop individual tailored interventions, more attention should be paid to older adults who are highly engaged in gardening or caring for others.


Read the paper on the BMC Geriatrics site


Photo credit: BMC Geriatrics