FENS – Chen Institute – NeuroLéman 2024 Summer School on Monitoring and manipulating the affective state: new perspectives on neurotechnologies and AI tools

This year’s FENS – Chen Institute – NeuroLéman Summer School will take place 25—31 Aug 2024 at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. It aims to integrate fundamental and clinical neuroscience with technology (with a special angle toward artificial intelligence tools) and harmonize these three levels of investigations around novel approaches applied to animals and humans decrypting affective states. Diverse aspects of affective neuroscience spanning from emotions to disease states will be at the core of one-week discussions. The summer school is designed to provide participants with new views and applications in the domain of affective states. Furthermore, the courses will enable exchanges around novel technologies and concepts applied to animals and humans between local and international neuroscientists in a beautiful alpine lake environment.

The FENS – Chen Institute – NeuroLéman Summer School Series on Brain Dynamics in Health and Disease explores cutting-edge technologies for basic and clinical neuroscience, in order to develop novel concepts and new research techniques to address the challenges of investigating brain function and dysfunction.

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