Category: Memory

  • Neuroscientists discover a molecular mechanism that allows memories to form

    When the brain forms a memory of a new experience, neurons called engram cells encode the details of the memory and are later reactivated whenever we recall it. A new MIT study reveals that this process is controlled by large-scale remodeling of cells’ chromatin. This remodeling, which allows specific genes involved in storing memories to […]

  • A revised map of where working memory resides in the brain

    Working memory: it’s how you make a mental shopping list without forgetting the milk, or memorize a number just long enough to write it down. But working memory is more than a prerequisite for a successful errand—the ability to briefly hold information in our minds lies at the heart of almost everything we do. And, […]

  • Multiple Unapproved Drugs Found in “Brain Boosting” Supplements

    Supplements that claim to improve mental focus and memory may contain unapproved pharmaceutical drugs and in potentially dangerous combinations and doses, according to a new study published in the September 23, 2020, online issue issue of Neurology Clinical Practice, an official journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Researchers found five such drugs not approved […]

  • Complications from diabetes linked to worse memory, IQ in children

    Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a serious but common complication of type 1 diabetes, is linked to lower IQ scores and worse memory in children with type 1 diabetes, according to a study led by UC Davis Health researchers. The study published Sept. 22 in Diabetes Care is also the first large-scale work to differentiate between DKA’s […]

  • Scientists discover what happens in our brains when guessing

    Researchers have identified how cells in our brains work together to join up memories of separate experiences, allowing us to make educated guesses in everyday life. By studying both human and mouse brain activity, they report that this process happens in a region of the brain called the hippocampus.

  • What Makes Memories So Detailed and Enduring

    The study, published in Nature Communications, describes a newly discovered mechanism of learning in the brain shown to stabilize memories and reduce interference between them. Its findings also provide new insight into how humans form expectations and make accurate predictions about what could happen in future.

  • Warning witnesses of the possibility of misinformation helps protect their memory accuracy

    Warning witnesses about the threat of misinformation—before or after an event—significantly reduces the negative impact of misinformation on memory, according to new research performed at Tufts University.

  • Unravelling the potential of the unconscious mind

    We are conscious beings, yet most of the activity in our brains remains nonconscious. Can we harness this hidden pool of information? The international team used a state-of-the-art method to read nonconscious brain states in real-time. This technique used brain scanning to monitor and detect the occurrence of specific complex patterns of activity, that were […]

  • Unlocking the mysteries of the brain

    How does our brain store information? Seeking an answer, researchers at CHU Sainte-Justine Hospital and Université de Montréal have made a major discovery in understanding the mechanisms underlying learning and memory formation. The results of their study are presented in Nature Communications. Led by Professor Roberto Araya, the team studied the function and morphological transformation […]