Neuroscience of the Everyday World

At the first Neuroscience of the Everyday World conference, the Chen Institute and Boston University are bringing together leaders in the fields of computer science, biomedical engineering, cognitive science, neurology, and clinical neuroscience to present state-of-the-art research, all focused on the study of continuous brain measurement in real-world activities. The presentations will all focus on innovative methodologies (e.g., fNIRS, EEG, BCI+real time feedback), different real-world contexts (e.g., measurements at home, in the clinic/hospital), and a range of healthy and disease states (e.g., dementia, stroke).

The conference will be 1.5 days with 2 keynotes, 3 symposia and a poster session. The goal is to facilitate extensive discussion and brainstorming to accelerate the impact of these convergent activities.

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