FENS – Chen Institute – NeuroLéman 2024 Summer School on Monitoring and manipulating the affective state: new perspectives on neurotechnologies and AI tools

The FENS – Chen Institute – NeuroLéman Summer School Series, at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, explores cutting-edge technologies for basic and clinical neuroscience, in order to develop novel concepts and new research techniques to address the challenges of investigating brain function and dysfunction.

This year’s speakers include:

  • Ralph Adolphs (United States) – Emotions in humans with brain lesions
  • Ricardo Chavarriaga (Switzerland) – AI tools, technology
  • Valeria Gazzola (The Netherlands) – Empathy in rodents and humans
  • Sam Golden (United States) – Machine learning for measuring rodent emotional behaviours
  • Christine Heim (Germany) – Avenues for treatment of mood disorders
  • Andrew McStay (United Kingdom) – Emotional AI
  • Asya Rolls (Israel) – Immune-brain interactions in affective disorders
  • Carmen Sandi (Switzerland) – Neurobiological substrates for stress and anxiety

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